Can I book my appointment online?

Yes. Appointments can be scheduled by visiting our “BOOK ONLINE” page. Refugees and large groups – please call the office.

I am pregnant, can I defer a chest X-RAY?

Yes. It is your responsibility to complete the X-RAY after birth and notify our office when it is done. Please provide your visa office with a copy of the Pregnancy Deferral Document.

Can I have a copy of my report?

Yes. Additional service charges may apply. Please visit our page “ORDER RESULTS”.

Where can I find the status of my application?

Please call the IRCC Client Support Centre at 1-888-242-2100 (in Canada only). You can also visit IRCC website for more up-to-date information: http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/information/medical/medexams-perm.asp.

How long is the exam valid for?

It is valid for 12 months only. Please complete your application within that time, or you may need to have another examination.

How long will it take to complete the examination and do all the required tests?

It usually takes an average of 1-2 hours to complete the exam and blood test.

Who has to complete their Bloodwork or Chest X-Ray?