Immigration Medical

With years of experience, we understand how to work with my patients to ensure they receive the best care possible. Our Clinic provides the E-medical exam, Urinalysis, Blood work & X-Ray!

What to bring

Valid government issued photo ID

(Passport/Ontario Card/IFH refugee protection claimant document)

Any official papers you received from Immigration Canada

(work permit, visitor permit, study permit,IRCC, IFH refugee document, etc.)

All prescribed medications in English

(With medication name and dosage instruction)

Any specialist or surgical reports in English

Your prescribed eyeglasses or contacts

An Interpreter – only if necessary

Drink plenty of water for urine sample and blood testing

What to expect

Please wear comfortable clothing/shoes.

Eat lightly on the day of your exam (do not fast).

The appointments take approximately 1 hour: You will provide a urine sample and a blood sample.

After your exam is completed

We will provide you an information sheet as proof of eMedical document with your photo and case number for submission to IRCC and tracking purposes.

After your appointment

Please wait 2 weeks before you call our clinic for the status of your application.

You can purchase your medical report online.