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To obtain your medical report please provide the following to receive your medical records by e-mail:
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Please give us up to 1 week to process and send your results after payment. Also please be aware that we can only send your results once you receive your confirmation email that youre case has been submitted.

By purchasing this service and product, you give consent for ONE-Stop Immigration Medical to electronically send your medical record.

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A personal copy of your medical results are not required for immigration purposes as they are submitted already to the Canadian Government. For your information, the medical lab tests only include the following which may not be very useful for personal use:

Blood test results include: Kidney function (creatinine) and HIV/Syphilis.

X-Ray Images: Looking for signs of Tuberculosis.

Results do not include other blood parameters like CBC, cholesterol, sugar, vitamins etc.

If you would still like a copy of your medical results for your own personal records please submit your request at https://onestopim.ca/results/ and we will be happy to send you a copy electronically through your secure email within 1 week.

There is a nominal $10 fee for this service.